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We Stand On Our Own. 

 Mindset and Performance Training 


In an environment where firearms are widely accessible, self and home protection demand an immediate response. Yet, firearms and tactical response training are largely left to each person and their family. Realizing the large disconnect between merely buying firearms and knowing how to use them in times of need, we founded GSD. GSD brings extensive skills and training of Army veterans and NRA Certified Instructors to provide you with a full range of defense knowledge. Our services include firearms introduction and familiarization, self, and home defense, in-home emergency response consultation, tactical training, competition training, and firearm certificate qualification.


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meet the team


Chris l.

FOUNDER, MSP Qualified Pistol Instructor, NRA Certified Instructor, Four years of Tactical Training Experience with the Army Rangers and Green Beret, been through the Reconnaissance Course and Mountain Survival Course in Georgia. After the military , started the competition shooting of USPSA, IDPA, and National Two Gun Match. Class A shooter in USPSA. Chris is dedicated to disarming the fear people have toward weapons and is an advocate for self-protection and focuses on training students automatic respond in times of emergency

Nathan  w.

FOUNDER, MSP Qualified Pistol Instructor, NRA Certified Instructor, NRA Range Safety Officer,  Professional gunsmithing experience from accredited gunsmithing school and specializes in human performance training. Nathan is a strong advocate for both physical and tactical performances as are crucial to home and self-defenses with strong and proper personal equipment set up as the foundation. By virtue of his strong belief and his dedication to building stronger and healthier members with proper equipment setup.

Warhorse M.

COUNSELOR. GSD Head Coach. 10 years Active Army, served under JSOC, two tours in Iraq, and currently serving in USAR. Served as a Gunner, an analyst, and a master trainer for physical fitness. W.M. believes that Fitness is a specific adaptation to imposed demand (SAID). For the tactical and the first line responders community, the ability to operate under stress, act and react to life-threatening situations could mean life and death, and being physically and mentally fit is crucial.