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Our Mission

In an environment where firearms are widely accessible, self and home protection demand an immediate response. Yet, firearms and tactical response training are largely left to each person and their family. Realizing the large disconnect between merely buying firearms and knowing how to use them in times of need, we founded GSD. GSD brings extensive skills and training of Army veterans and NRA Certified Instructors to provide you with a full range of defense knowledge. Our services include firearms introduction and familiarization, self, and home defense, in-home emergency response consultation, tactical training, competition training, and firearm certificate qualification.


When an emergency happens, a wrong decision can change a person or a family's fate. GS Defense is committed to training cadets to defend themselves in a crisis. In a climate where the frequency of vicious crime is on the rise, we want to make sure our communities are safe, which is why we only teach real-life self-defense skills. You need more than just a gun, and it's a lot of reality-based training so you can calmly respond to sudden and dangerous situations.

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